The 2014 Chevrolet Impala Takes Looks And Design To A Completely New Level


The year 2013 promises to be a great one for Chevrolet with the company being all set to launch its premier car, the 2014 version of the Impala. The Impala has always been one of the premier models for Chevrolet. The car has always been well received by users and offers a great deal of comfort and driving pleasure which is unrivaled by most other cars in the industry. However, this has not stopped the company from changing its award winning formula. The 2014 Chevrolet Impala presents a car which seems to have come straight out of the future. It offers a stunning design along with flagship performance which is only possible under the iconic brand of the Impala. In the modern day of rising fuel prices, fuel economy is one of the main aspects that most users consider. For this reason, the 2014 Impala offers consumers a choice of 3 engines –

The 3.6 liter V6 engine which provides an output of 303 horsepower and goes from 0 – 60 in 6.8 seconds. It also gives a highway mileage of 28 m.p.g.

The 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine which gives an output of 195 horsepower and a mileage of 31 m.p.g

The 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine which gives an output of 182 horsepower and a mileage of 25 m.p.g

Earnhardt’s No. 3 Joining Back NASCAR Sprint Cup in 2014 [w/poll]

It’s been almost 13 years when Dale Earnhardt, Sr. was killed in the year 2001 during Daytona 500.  Now, the famous No. 3 is making its come back to the sport at that very next month with NASCAR Sprint Cup rookie Austin Dillon behind the wheel. Earlier it was heard that Earnhardt’s No. 3 will return in August, but this week, Richard Childress Racing has made the news official.
It is pretty much obvious that the no.3 will bring some extra charm and attention to Dillon next season, but according to ESPN reports, team owner Richard Childress, and Dillon’s grandfather said that he has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from this series. That report also revealed that the neither of the two paint schemes planned for 2014 with major sponsorships coming from Dow and Cheerios and will have resemblance to Earnhardt’s trademark black, red, and white GM Goodwrench design.
Earnhardt Sr.’s successor is leaving RCR with Kevin Harvick at the end of this past season, and Dillon was named as his replacement in the three-car team, which will transition the Chevrolet SS racecar from Harvick’s no.29 to the Intimidator’s number. Luckily, Dillon is very familiar to the No. 3 in NASCAR, as he has won many titles with this number in the national and truck series.
So, what do you think about the RCR’s return to Earnhardt’s No. 3? This return will undoubtedly offer you unmatchable thrill, adventure and above all, unlimited fun. Share your opinion and let us know your thoughts about it.

The Practice of Wallace and Frewaldt Got Interrupted With the Accident at Phoenix

With so many incidences and accidents taking place at the time of driving, reckless news has landed up. This time it is Darrell Wallace Jr who will be in trouble. Reports says that NASCAR is planning to punish the celebrity for his on-track altercation with Chad Frewaldt due to which at the time of practice both the drivers crash down badly at the Phoenix International Raceway. It was certainly one life threatening experience for which NASCAR don’t want to take the risk again.
About the Incident
During the practices, it was Wallace who had finished up his 3rd round and was hearing for the 4th one, when he passed Frewaldt. However, later what the scenario happened is not clear but the Wallace’s truck got spun around and got hit against the wall as it went sliding down the track. At such point of time, luckily Frewaldt was in the car and did not get hurt.
What the Drivers have to comment?
After this experience, it was Wallace who got really upset with the whole scenario what he wanted to actually punch Frewaldt. However, as he was in the practice and was wearing helmet, seems he changed his mind
Know the scenario
Thankfully none of the drivers got injured which is really a great news.
However, as the situation seemed to be more of the careless scenarios, it seems that NASCAR is expected to take a serious action against the drivers.
The vice president of NASCAR commented that age is one such factor that keeps the young men always excited and in competitive spirit.
Both the drivers were later sent to the NASCAR hauler.
Looking at the overall senior it seems that the NASCAR is yet to deice of the penalties and jump on certain conclusion. So let us cross the finger and hope that things get back in action pretty smoothly.

Marcose Amrose is All Back in Action

Marcos who has amazingly shown his good performance in NASCAR for eight seasons is now hoping to end the ninth season and win the show this time as well. mmmmmHe says that the he treats the show more like place in which he enjoys 12 months holiday. Once he will return to the Richard Petty Motorsports season show, he is expected to join the team no.9.
About Macros Amrose
He is one of the popular Australian racing rivers who has won so many awards and is quite popular. He drives No 9 Stanley Ford Fusion for Richard Petty Motorsports. He has also won Australian V8 Supercar champion in 2003 and 2004 and is one of the best supercar racer of the era. He is amongst that top Australian driver who has won the high level of NASCAR.hhh
Born and bought up in Tasmania, Australia, Macros is son of another racing driver who began his career at the early age. Looking at so many of his achievements and championship, it seems that the champ is not going to stop at all.
The Disappointments
The driver also says that his current years seem to be not more frustrating for the fact that he has only six top-10 finishes.
One the other hand, he had been showing the dominant tike but gave a disappointing result at Sonoma and Watkins Glen show this year.
So overall his performance was pretty much manageable as he could manage to win three out of four win in the national wide series.
Looking at the ups and downs which he has shown in this time, it seems that the driver is all set in position and is ready to bounce back to the action. We all hope that Marcose Amrose does well this time and his confidence level remains risen up like this always.

Toyota Camry – Setting the Road on Fire

Toyota Camry has been in the market since 1983 and has witnessed several modifications since then. This car was amongst the most acclaimed cars since then and had almost conquered the mid-size family sedan segment. The spectacular sedan has completed a long journey and now Toyota is again ready with the modified Camry for 2014. The 5 seater family car is amongst the most awaited cars and has found a noticeable place amongst the luxury sedans. 
More about the powerful sedan
Toyota Camry is supposed to offer the noticeable performance with its 6 speed automatic transmission engine. The engine would be of 2.5 liter – 4 cylinder type and is expected to offer the mileage in the range of 25 to 35 mpg depending on its usage in city or highway. In case of combined usage, the company is claiming the mileage of 28 mpg.
Exterior and Interior
Though the performance of any car would always stand in its favor, the looks are important as well. The stunning exteriors of the car are well complemented with its projector beam headlights and the Daytime running lights. This luxury sedan is offered with 16 in wheels of steel with steel wheel covers. The high intensity solar energy absorbing windshield is offered to add to the customer convenience. The interiors are also worth admiration with its 6 way adjustable seat on the driver side while 4 way adjustable front seat on the passenger side. The car comes with cruise control and the standard features like telescopic steering with Bluetooth as well as audio controls.
Toyota has made sure that Camry becomes the right combination of performance, looks and safety. The car is therefore provided with 10 airbags and other safety tools as the standard features. It can be said that the all new Toyota Camry will again set the road on fire.

Dylan Kwasniewski Enters the Reality Show

Racing is surely a tough challenge for which only an expert can tackle with. Though such type of change seems to be pretty much smooth and easy, but it is certainly associated with lot many risk, drawbacks and consequences that may have a long time impact.dylan_kwasniewski If you are one of those challenges who believe on earning money with such sponsorships deals by travelling around the country and winning the race each time, then surely, this article is right for you.
The recent news has gained lot of popularity that focuses on Dylan Kwasniewski who is one of the best yet the youngest racer that the world has got. Take a glimpse of his amazing stunts which he has performed throughout his lifetime. He has already achieved a huge success in climbing one of the rungs on the NASCAR ladder along with earing the K&N title. At the age of 17, this young racer is said to be the most talented drivers in the development pool of NASCAR. You can see his amazing students on the reality show called the Autoblog parent AOL where his first season will be on live soon. In the series you will also see this young teenager with his mind who would be telecasting their life in K&N East Series.
Dylan Kwasniewski career Track
He began his career in racing in ASA speed truck and later has won nearly 88% of the races. This typical high school kid has got more interest in music and sprits action other than racing. Being on the race however, he is not losing his focus from the studies and attending his schooling in Las Vegas.
His Achievements
Among 15, he was the top 10 in the route to his first NASCAR championship
Performed 15-race NASCAR K&N Pro Series West schedule
Won Sunoco Rookie of the Year
Won two races and two poles in 2011
You can also have a glimpse of some of the series and episodes that would keep your eyes and mouth wide opened while seeing him performing like a fire on the road. Currently competing in E& N series the fans hope for the best for him and wish to get him a huge success ahead in his life.

Richmond International Raceway Welcomes Top Racers to Ramp Up

Car racing is one of the interesting sports for which many car lovers wait for the big day of the match to arrive; here is the good news for all the car lovers that Atlanta is welcoming all the racers to speed dale
The challenge has increased more for the Dale Earnhardt Jr as the wild car winner’s car winners Martin Truex Jr. and Ryan Newman have also joined the face. Not only this, there are many other great racers who soon would be entering the chase to win. The next match between Jeff Gordon and Carl Edwards was something not to give it a miss. However, though each other tact confused both the drivers in a great way, however, it was Gordon has already won twice at Richmond International Raceway before and is hoping to win again. Race for spots.
Welcoming the Top Racers at Richmond: Following are the new challengers that are waiting to join up the race soon:
kkkkkkkkkkDale Earnhardt Jr. who is the 7th who has won thrice at the Richmond’s and has in the point standings with a 37-point cushion
Greg Biffle who has been a consistent performer and winner at Michigan
Joey Logano was among top five racers in the Atlanta
Kurt Busch who had won the match at Richmond’s in the year 2005
Ryan Newman is another great racer who has won in the year 2003
Martin Truex Jr stands the 13th one at the point
Brad Keselowski is known for two top 10 finishes of the match at Richmond
These great racers have already made their place at Richmond in some or the other year and for all of them this year’s race matters the most to provide their ability and winning the game while making the match the best time at this Saturday night in Atlanta.

Joey Logano, Creating New Waves from Michigan International Speedway and Making Chase Even More Exciting

All everyone’s talking about nowadays is the NASCAR Spring Cup and who’s going to be running in it. The Chase is becoming more and more heated with just three more races to go before the playoffs finally kick in.

With Jimmie Johnson, Clint Bowyer and Carl Edwards in the lead another name that’s recently been added to the Chase is Joey Logano.
Sunday’s Pure Michigan 400 was exciting rumble of incidents and strategy with Logano comes out as the victor and moving from the 16th position to the 13th position in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. This leaves him only 17 points from the 10th position with 3 weeks left to bridge the gap.
New to the racing scene, this victory was the first for him this season, the first for him at Michigan, the first for him with Penske Racing and only the third of his entire career. The youngest racer to have ever won in Michigan, Logano is a potential candidate for gaining a Wild Card entry that’s only available to players in the 11-20 positions in the Chase depending on their victories.
Sunday’s race saw Kevin Harvick in 2nd place followed closely by Kurt Busch, Paul Menard and Clint Bowyer. It started from the pole, dominating early, receding for a bit and coming back with a bang to the front with a bold move towards the bottom of the track from the third. Logano revived his chances for being in the Chase this season with his convincing victory on the Michigan International Speedway.
To make into the top 10, it’s absolutely essential that Logano keeps up his streak at Bristol, Atlanta and Richmond. If he manages to win all three races, he’ll still need a little bit of luck on this side with Kasey Kahne in the 11th position with two wins over Logano and Martin Truex Jr. in the 12th position with one win. Consistency is the key and he needs to prove that he’s got what’s needed for NASCAR.

According to NASCAR the Trucks are Likely to Return to Eldora in 2014

The evaluation of the first dirt race by NASCAR is still is going on. The company has participated in such a race after 40 years.

But Steve O’Donnell who holds the chair of the senior vice president of the company has stated that the Midsummer Classic will be again held at the Speedway of Eldora. According to him NASCAR was very satisfied with the performance of the teams that participated on the race on Wednesday. Austin Dillon emerged as the winner of the Camping World Truck series race. The race was a great event for both NASCAR and the world of vehicle sports.

Know the winner

The first race on the dirty track has been won by Dillon. On this view the vice president has stated that NASCAR wants to go and meet those who have taken part in the race and also their team owners. According to them they are highly satisfied with the participation and would try to perform the same thing in 2014 again.

Have a look at the analysis of the race

According to Speed the household rating of the race has reached up to 1.2. This has made it grab the 10th spot in the list of the most watched truck races around the world.
Almost 1.4 million race lovers were viewing the event. Statistics also show that it was the most watched sports event that was watched on television on that particular day.
It has been also remarkably noticed that almost 1 million people were watching the pre race show on the channel.
Great response was also received by the NACAR authorities from various social media platforms. Twitter witnessed a large number of tweets related to the race on that very day.

Though there was some degradation witnessed in the track the participants were able to put up a great show.

Brain Vickers Finish First at the New Hampshire Race

DaThe people present at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway witnessed great surprise. Each and everyone present at the race course expected The Michael Waltrip Racing driver to win the title. But he wasn’t seen in the victory lane even. But his part-time team mate was able to make a position in the race. The Brain Vickers was able to grab a permanent seat in the 55 Toyota. The victory came in the Magic Mile of the race.

In the overtime it was seen that the Vickers overtook Kyle Busch during the overtime. Their speed was enough to make them the winner. They crossed the finishing line 0.582 seconds before Busch. das He performed well enough to recover from the penalty that he incurred at the time of driving over the pit road. After a lap he was able to regain his position. He was able to complete half of the lap within the expected time.

Let’s have a look at some of the best moments of the race:

The victory that the Vickers got was a strong signal to their team. They had cut legs and clots were also seen in the lungs. He was still able to win the race with his life threatened.
The Vickers was unable to grab the last year’s cup. They lost their place when the Red Bull team went out of the race.
The Vickers won their first victory in the year 2009. The Victory came at Michigan. Jeff Burton finished third in the race. He was followed by Aric Almirola and Brad Keselowski.
When the race started it was being led by Jimmie Joshnson. His qualifying time was canceled by the race officials because he violated the ride heights. He finished in the sixth position.
According to the Vickers they tried to live every moment of the race.